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We focus on disruptive product cycles and significant consumer value shifts across technology and consumer-related businesses

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Stony Point Capital is a long/short equity investment adviser launched by Portfolio Manager Ricky Walters in January 2015 with a history of success.

We apply fundamental research and data-driven analysis in an effort to generate a positive spread between long and short books.

We focus on disruptive product cycles and significant consumer value shifts across technology and consumer-related businesses.


We put a strong emphasis on <$20bn market cap companies where we believe innovation is most pronounced, and Stony Point's expertise allows for the capture of significant dispersion

Our research process focuses on products as leading indicators to financial changes, which should result in significant stock moves and alpha generation in long and short books

This thesis-driven approach is centered on the Most Important Question (MIQ), concentrating on the variable driving stock variance

Our proprietary risk management program is designed to control volatility from individual positions, sectors, and factors

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Alignment of interest with a significant majority of PM's net worth invested and all employees incentivized through profit share

Large well-respected NY family office as anchor investor

Experienced team with a history of working together and strong industry experience

Focused on risk-adjusted returns such that returns are achieved with relatively low correlation to the US equity markets


Identify value shifts by monitoring consumer behavior and product changes

Build proprietary industry model to understand businesses impacted by value shift and look for inflections in key variables

Implement thesis-driven research process to understand the logic in consumer change and variance to expectations

Determine position sizing by discussing bear case scenario in connection with exposures already in the portfolio

Utilize proprietary risk management system to highlight portfolio level exposures, industry and company concentration, key investment factors and value at risk


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